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Journal Hosting / Scientific Publication Services offers a variety of online publishing services customized to meet the needs and budget of your newsletter or journal. We offer complete operational support: operation of web, file and mail servers, network connectivity, hardware and software maintenance, system backup, and archiving.

We offer a variety of journal hosting options allowing your journal to retain its own unique identity. Support for updating is just an email away. These services are tailored to meet the needs of your particular readership allowing you to extend services beyond "putting the print online" to more active communication of information. Our goal is to serve as an extension of your own staff in support of making journal content easily available to the scientific community worldwide.

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Journal Indexing

Submit your journal to our indexing service for increasing the visibility of your journal within the scientific community.

Whether you are submitting for the first time or want to update existing journal information, an up-to-date index keeps information relevant to the users.