QuicPublish (QP) is a complete electronic Journal Management System together with a electronic Publication and an electronic Subscription System.

With managed support, it makes running a journal, not only so much easy, but also efficient and cost effective.
Most importantly, it takes the stress out of being an Editor!

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We were afraid of dealing with technology, but QuicPublish inverted that idea. The QuicPublish team helped us solve multiple problems at the same time.
-Managing Editor of a reputed publication

QuicPublish provided the information we needed at our fingertips. Best of all, we were not left out in the dark, when we asked additional features specifically for ourselves. The QuicPublish team now works as our very own backend team. We have stopped looking at them as different from ourselves. We just share our thoughts, and poof! they agree to do it if feasible.
-Chief Editor of a reputed scientific journal

We were happy to find that we were not dumped a product which remained frozen in time. Scheduled upgrades over the years has ensured that QuicPublish still remains our number one choice for a Content Management System.
-Owner of an online content aggregator

QuicPublish is great. The biggest problem we found was the pace of technology absorption by our staff. They simply would not start using the facilities provided by QuicPublish. When we talked about this, guess what? The QuicPublish team provided us with tips on managing the change and also developed a User Training Add-On to help the staff get over their skill blues. It is not just great software, it is the trust we developed with them.
-Chairman of a reputed Institute

We became popular after QuicPublish and then we became overloaded. How do we say "no" politely to our authors? Well, QuicPublish provided the solution. We can now just turn off content uploads with a polite message, without pulling down our website. Thanks QuicPublish.
-Manager of a startup Publisher