Activate your Electronic Publishing System

Follow the steps below to activate the electronic publishing system for your publication. Note that all payments are yearly and you pay only for 10 months when you sign up.

Register  Activate    Publish

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Select your Plan and Pay

The FREE* Plans
(*If your publication is FREE)

Note the TXN ID after you pay. You will need it when you register in the next step.

 Plan Name
 Subscribers  Price (p.m.)
 Starter  1-1000  500  Pay
 Premium  1001-5000  2000  Pay
 Pro  5001-10000  4000  Pay
 Pro+  10001-20000  8000  Pay


 Promote Your Publication

-After your Electronic Publication System is active, you will be given a personalized page for your publication from where you can Promote and Publish as well.

Register as a Publisher

You will need the TXN ID of the payment you made in the previous step to register as a publisher.
If you are having multiple publications you will need to register afresh for each publication.

Upload to Publish

It takes about 3 working days to verify your application and setup the publication system for you.

You will receive an email when your publication system becomes active and you can start publishing.