1990 - 1999
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 1999  14  2 A fourier fundamental lemma for the symmetric space GL(n)/GL(n-1) Yuval Z. Flicker  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1999  14  2 Minimal dilations of quantum dynamical semigroups of endomorphisms of C*-algebras B.V. Rajarama Bhat  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1999  14  2 Holomorphic connection on a fano manifold with picard number one
Indranil Biswas and Christophe Mourougane
 [Abstract]   [Access]
 1999  14  2 Nonvanishing of global theta lifts from orthogonal groups
Brooks Roberts  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1999  14  1 A generalization of Mertens theorem Michael Rosen  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1999  14  1 The Turan sieve method and some of its applications Yu-Ru Liu and M. Ram Murty  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1999  14  1 Non-Vanishing of weight k modular L-functions with large levels Amir Akbary  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1999  14  1  A descent property for Pfister forms Markus Rost  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1999  14  1   Synergies of projective surfaces: An Overview Francisco Javier Gallego and B.P. Purnaprajna  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1  When is (K,K[y1,...yt]) an N-ring pair?  V. Visweswaran  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1  Non-trivality of families of Heegner points and ranks of Selmer groups over anticyclotomic towers Massimo bertolini and Henri Darmon  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1 Endomorphisms, Aurtomorphims and Subfactors of non Neumann Algebras Carl Winslow  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1 Group De Brauer non ramifie des espaces principaux homogenes de groupes lineares J.-L.Colliot-Thelene et B.E. Kunyavskii  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1 Ideals as sections of projective modules Satya Mandal and M. Pavaman Murthy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1 Automorphisms of X(11) over characteristic 3 and the Mathieu group M11 C.S. Rajan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  1 Mutually dual presentations of the surface group and sympletic structure on the parabolic moduli space K.Guruprasad and Nandini Nilakantan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 Zeros and Norm Groups of Quadratic Forms over Function Fields in one Variable over a Local Non-Dyadic Field Detlev W. Hoffmann and Jan Van Geel  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 The universal property of of the Maslov index Madhav V. Nori  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 Correction to division algebras over p-adic curves David J. Saltman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 Unitary double cosets for Gl2 Jurg Kramer  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 Chordal Graphs with specified perfect elimination orderings B.S. Panda, S.P. Mohanty and S.B. Rao  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 On Neron models, divisors and modular curves Bas Edixhoven  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1998  13  2 Orthogonal and symplectic bundles on curves and representations Usha N. Bhosle  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  1 Integer valued functions on products
Michel Waldschmidt   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  1 Division algebras over p-adic curves  David J. Saltman   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  1 Index reduction formula  A.S.Merkurjev   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  1
A classification of certain simple C*-algebras II

George A. Elliott   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  2 Quantum Entropy: Theoretic aspects of the 13th problem formulated by Hilbert  Shigeo Akashi   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  2 Fermetures integrals des Z-algebras  Joseph Oesterle   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  2 A Reimann Hypothesis Condition for Metaplectic Eisenstein Series  David A. Cardon   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  2 Factors from Ergodic Theory and Group-Subgroup Subfactors  Sergey Dorofeev and Klaus Thomsen   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1997  12  2 Modular Forms of Level p on the Exceptional Tube Domain Wee Teck Gan and hung Yean Loke   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  1 On the Cauchy problem for parabolic equations  Martin Lopez Morales   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  1 On the oscillation of a class of hyperbolic equations of neutral type  M. Kirane and N. Parhi   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  1 Cancellation of line bundles: Elementary proofs  Satya Mandal   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  1 A generalization of a theorem of Paul Turan   Wali Mohammed Shah  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  1 Mermorphic functions that share small functions  A.P.Singh, K.S.Charak and KJ.L. Sharma   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Lyapunov functions in weak exponential stability and controlled stochastic system  Allanus H. Tsoi and Bo Zhang   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 On real hypersurfaces of a complex projective space with recurrent second fundamental tensor  Tatsuyoshi Hamada   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Flat GL (2,C)-Bundles over compact Kahler manifolds  K.S.Subramanian Moosath and M. Sitaramayya   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Genera of compact Reimann surfaces with dihedral automorphism groups  Buddha Prasad Chetiya, Sanjay Kumar Datt and Kuntala Patra   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Strongly Helly Hypergraphs  Belmannu Devadas Acharya   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2  Some classes of entire sequences K. Chandrashekara Rao and T. Balasubramanian   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Some results on modules satisfying (C)  S. Visweswaran   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Uniqueness of meromorphic functions with few poles  Indrajit Lahiri   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Gracefulness of C4t and C4t+3
Vasanthi N. Bhat-Nayak and Ujwala N. Deshmukh   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Directable zeros in a binary matrix  Barun K. Sanyal, Ashok K. Das and Malay K.Sen   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1996  11  2 Dirichlet problem and hyperbolic series  Francisco Javier Gonzalez Vieli  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  1 Relation between covering and endomorphism semigroups of linear automata C.J.Maxson, S.Meenakshi and Ponnammal Natarajan   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  1 Uniform smoothness and property (I)  K. Sundaresan   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995   10  1 Estimates of exponential sums on varieties: the Bombierisperber construction  C.J. Mozzochi   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995   10  1 Semigroup theoretic approach to quasilinear stochastic hyperbolic ito integrodifferintial equations   T. E. Govindan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  1 On cardinal extensions of P-Topology   S.K.Acharyya, K.C.Chattopadhyay and Saral Datta  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1995  10  1 On certain analytic functions involving Ruschweyh derivatives  J. Patel and M. Acharya   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  1 Some results on modules satisfying ACCR  S. Visweswaran   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  1 Hypersurfaces of h-Conformally flat recurrent finsler spaces  C. S. Bagewadi and H.G.Nagaraj   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 p-Rational extensions of modules  Sindhu S. Unnithan   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 The semigroup of normal singular operators  Rajeshwari. E   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 Reimannian matrices on some fiber bundles  Takashi Oguro   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 A note on Schur matrices in non-Archimedean fields P. N. Natarajan   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 Some General Dirichlet Series With Variable Coefficients, uniform convergence  J. Gopalakrishna and K.H.S.Subrahmanyam  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 Studies in sub-directly irreducible triple systems and in a class of lattice-ordered triple in systems  K.S. Narayanan and K.Chendra Shekara Rao  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1995  10  2 Some generating functions of Laguerre polynominals  Asit Baranmajumdar  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 On cohomology of associative algebra bundles  C. Chidambara and B. S. Kirangi   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 On curvature pinching for totally real submanifolds of CP^nc Yoshio Matsuyama   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 Topology of spectrum of modules  T. Duraivel   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1  On complex harmonic typically-real functions Z.J. Jakubowski, M. Majchrzak and K. Skalska   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 On an inequality of Hardy-Littlewood type  B.G.Pachpatte  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 On q-Valent starlike Functions-I  S.R. Kulkarni, S.B. Joshi and M.K. Aouf   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 On the connected domatic number of a graph  J.Paulraj Joseph and S.Arumugam   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 A characterization of nearly bipartite graph with strongly perfect complements  G.Ravindra and D.Basavayya   [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  1 Some sufficient conditions for certain classes of analytic functions J. Patel  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 Some identities for Pell's equation A.M.S.Ramasamy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 A survey on singular compactifications Kavitha Srivastava and Anjali Srivastava  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 Multiplicative Integral via finitely multiplicative measures  L. Hazareesingh and D.Kannan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 On Pseudo projective symmetric manifolds Debasish Tarafdar and U.C.De  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 Hopfian and Co-hopfian zero-Dimentional spaces Satya Deo and K. Varadarajan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 Subordination properties of uniformly convex and uniformly close to convex functions Sampathkumar and C. Ramesh  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1994  9  2 A note on extreme points of WC (K,X)* T.S.S.R.K. Rao  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Prof. M. Venkataraman (A Life Sketch) M. Rajagopalan and S.P. Franklin  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Isometrices of the P-Adic numbers Edward Bishop  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Gelfand-Mazur like theorems in Topological Algebras V.K. Srinivasan and M.S. Rangachari  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Butler Groups of Infinite Rank III K.M. Rangaswamy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Residual Finiteness of Rings and Modules K. Varadarajan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Precompact and Strongly Nuclear Subset of C(X) M.S. Ramanujan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Algebraic Quasi Groups R.Padmanabhan and R. Venkataraman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Spaces which are hereditarily extremally disconnected A. Blaszczyk, M. Rajagopalan and A. Szymansky  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Functional equations and second degree polynominals PL. Kannapak and Philip G. Laird  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Sparse symmetric indefinite systems and polynominal preconditioning  N.R.Nandakumar  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Stokes multipliers for a certain third order differential equation of W.B.Ford's type T.K.Puttaswamy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1993  8  1,2 Banach-Mazur distance, Ultra-Powers and nonlinear classification of Banach spaces Kondagunta Sundaresan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 Stability for Temporally non homogeneous singular diffusion  Gopal K. Basak  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 On scale and exponent functions of a class of limiting processes  N.R. Mohan and S. Ravi  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 Noetherian generalised quotient rings  S.Mangayarcarassy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 Multiplicative functions from Riemann zeta functions products  Geoffrey B. Campbell  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 A note on Hecke's absolute invariants Shigeki Akiyama  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 On self-centered graphs T.N. Janakiraman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  1 On certain two dimensional hardy type integral inequalities B.G. Pachpatte  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Derivative bounds for univalent function Herb Silverman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Hypersurface in the Quaternions III Hideya Hashimoto  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 p-Henselian fileds and their intersections N. Sankaran  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Ramanujan's Equation A.M.S. Ramasamy  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Bi-Ideals and B-Regular Near-Rings T. Tamizh Chelvam  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Construction of sequential and sequentially additive graphs S.M. Hegde  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1992  7  2 Convex Hulls and Extreme Points of Families of Univalent Functions with Two Fixed Points A.K.Mishra and P. Sahu  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 On K-Balanced Graph N. Veerapandiyan, P.N. Ramachandran and S. Arumugam  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 On a Foliated and Parametric Minimal Hypersurface in Euclidean Space Krishna Amur and R.S. Venkataraman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Inset Measure-Generalized Directed Divergence PI. Kannappan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Functions of Bounded Value Distribution Ranjan Roy and S.M.Shah  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2  A sum over the zeros of partial sums of e^x C. Yalcin Yildirim  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Differentiable Functions on the Ring p-Adic Integers G. Rangan and V. Selvamuthu  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 On the location of the critical points of certain Quartic Polynomials Sampathkumar and Shenoy B.G  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Some General Dirichlet Series With Variable Coefficients And Related Aspects J. Gopalakrishna and K.H.S. Subrahmanyam  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Some New Generating Functions-II R.K. Raina And P.P. Bajpai  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Solutions of a Mordell Diophantine Equation Wah Keung Chan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 An Extended Class of Exponential Semigroups K.S. Harinath  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 On Certain Classes of Analytic Functions With Fixed Second Coefficient V. Srinivas  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Kothe Sequence Algebras-I Subhas J. Bhat  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1991  6  1,2 Criterion for Regular Matrices in Non-Archimedean Fields P.N. Natarajan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 Some Criteria for Univalence in the unit disc Milutin Obradovic  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 Spaces of Diversity One M. Rajagopalan and S.P.Franklin  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 External Competition Numbers as a Generalized Turans Theorem Frank Harary, Suh-Ryung Kim and Fred S. Roberts  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 On Linear Combination of n Analytic Functions S. Nanjunda Rao and S. Latha  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 On Modules with Finite Goldie Dimension Satyanarayana Bhavanari  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  1 A Star Whose Irregular Packing is Denser than its Lattice Packing Myshfequr Rahman  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  2 Special maps on Spaces of Continuous Functions Ibula Ntantu  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  2 Transfer of Orbital integrals and Division Algebras Yuval Z. Flicker  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  2 Cohesively Related Pairs of Extensions of Sheaves of Lie Algebras Dr. Leela Devi and N. Ramabhadran  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1990  5  2 Summability Methods in Valued Field V.K. Srinivasan and M.S. Rangachari  [Abstract]  [Access]
1990  5  2 Circumscribing Tubes and Two Point Homogeneous Spaces L. Vanhecke  [Abstract]  [Access]