1986 - 1989

Year Volume Issue  Title of Paper Author(s) Abstract Full Text
 1989  4  1 Unique subjective probability on finite sets P.C.Fishburn and A.M.Odluzko  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  1 Properties of tribes of Farey fractions M. Nagraj and R. Srinivasa Murthy  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  1 A note on the number of conjugacy classes K.S. Harinath  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  1 An application of Borel-Caratheodory theorem K. Ramachandra  [Abstract]   [Access]
  1989  4  1 On the coefficients of some Bazilevic functions of order S. Abdul Halim  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  1 Projective modules over subrings of K[X1……Xn]of the type D+1 S. Visweswaran  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  1 Complex conformal connection of Kahler manifolds, its small geodesic balls and generalised chern numbers Neda Bokan  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 A probabilistic approach to a conjecture of Ramanujan Eric S. Key  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 A generalization of the Weitzenbock formula and an analytic approach to Morse theory Takeo Ohsawa  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 On antipodal, Eccentric and super-eccentric graph of a graph Iqbalunnisa, T.N. Janakiraman, and Srinivasan  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 Sufficient conditions for multivalency Mamoru Nunokawa and Shigeyoshi Owa  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 Approximation properties and analytic semigroups T.K.Dutta  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 Note on the location of critical points of quintic polynomials Sampath Kumar and Shenoy B.G  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1989  4  2 Equi-Uniformly and equi-contiguous integrable functions M.T.Wasan  [Abstract]   [Access]
  1988  3  2 An application of the Ramanujan bounds to communication networks Frederic bein  [Abstract]  [Access]
  1988  3  2 An Arithmetic uniformization for arithmetic points of the plane by singular moduli R.-P. Holzapfel  [Abstract]  [Access]
  1988  3  2 On modular forms of weight one from real quadratic fields and theta functions H.M. Stark  [Abstract]  [Access]
  1988  3  2 On a functional equation involving Kloos-Terman sums Tomio Kubota  [Abstract]  [Access]
  1988  3  1 On calculations of zeros of L-functions related with Ramanujan's discriminant function on the critical line Hiroyuki Yoshida  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1988  3  1 Applications of the Hardy-Ramanujan partition theory to linear diophantine problems Michael Anshel and Dorian Goldfeld  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1988  3  1 Conjectures for Selberg character sums Ronald J.Evans and William A. Root  [Abstract]     [Access]
 1988  3    2 On a class of multivalent functions defined by Ruscheweyh Derivative S.L. Shukla and A.M. Chaudhary  [Abstract]     [Access]
 1988  3              2  On a class of non-embeddable entire functions I.N. Baker and P. Bhattacharyya  [Abstract]         [Access]
 1988  3  2  The Hardy-Ramanujan-Rademacher Expansion for restricted generalised frobenius partitions Padmavathamma  [Abstract]    [Access
 1988  3  2  Constant isotropic submanifolds with 4-planar geodesics immersed in quaternionic projective spaces Jin Suk Pak and Jang Chun Jeong  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1988  3  2 Normalisation at the triangular equilibria in the doubly photogravitational restricted problems Vijay Kumar and R.K. Choudhry  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2  1 The Hardy-Ramanujan-Rademacher Expansion for C (symbol)m,m'(n) Padmavathamma  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2   On conformal Killing and special killing p-forms in reimannian manifolds with boundary U-Hang Ki, S. Ayabe and S. Yamaguchi  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2   Indefinite complex submanifolds of an indefinite complex space form R. Aiyama, Jung-Hwan Kwon and H. Nakagawa  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2   On the derivative of some Bazilevic function Rabha Md EI-Ashwah and D.K.Thomas  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2  1  Some subclasses of close-to-convex function Rabha Md EI-Ashwah and D.K.Thomas  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2  2  On some 4-Dimensional compact almost Hermitian manifold
Kouej Sekigawa  [Abstract]   [Access]
1987   2  2  The exact solutions to the Frobenius problem with three variables Mihaly Hujter and Bela Vizvari  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2      2  Probability models on scale invariant functions for a complex random vector C.G. Khatri and C.D. Bhavsar  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2      2  Bundle of Hamiltonian matrices on an almost Quaternion real manifold K.E.Bakkesa Swamy and M. Nagraj  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2      2  Local expression of Hessian Structures and dissections of manifolds R. David, Kumar and K. Vishwanath  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1987  2      2 Summability of derived fourier series and its conjugate series  S.P. Khare and V.K. Tripathi  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 Deformations of Differential Systems, II Bernard Malgrange  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 On Asai's polynomials related to the twisting operators of Finite Classical Groups Ashok K. Agarwal, George E. Andrews  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 Ramanujan's Mixed Modular Equations Bruce C. Berndt, Anthony J. Biagioli, James M. Purtilo  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 On the closed derivations of the unit interval Jun Tomiyama  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 A uniqueness theorem for Lp(a,b) Ganapathy Iyer  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 Existence theorems for Analytic Solutions of Differential and Functional Differential Equations Shah S.M., Joseph Wiener  [Abstract]   [Access]
 1986  1   1,2 Growth rates of subharmonic functions in the plane David A. Brannan  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1986  1  1,2  A note on Partial Geometric Graphs Shrikhande S.S.  [Abstract]  [Access]
 1986  1  1,2 On the rate of Convergence of the least squares Estimator in non-linear regression model for multiparameter Prakash Rao, B.L.S.  [Abstract]  [Access]